We had a lot of fun this year at the LNF event in Klagenfurt. People of all age came to see how all modern technology starts these days: at the point designing new silicon chips.

Without these chips, there would be no internet, computer, robot, game console, smartwatche, smartphone app or artificial intelligence to guide you through your online shopping. More than ever, these well paid engineering positions are in the spotlight again of nearly every tech company.

And this jobs are quite independent of any lockdown or economy crisis, as capable engineers in this field are always needed to create the future of electronics within our all daily life. At the booth we have shown how everything started and also how this never ending story will lead us into a bright future of challenging tasks to solve…

Link to the main event page: http://www.lnfktn.at

ISCD booth at “Lange Nacht der Forschung 2022” (Lakeside, Klagenfurt)
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