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Project about creating perceptive skins for collaborative robots. My task was the modelling and implementation of the digital signal processing and interfacing of a capacitive sensor developed in out CUAS team. Students from our group also presented a paper at Austrochip 2021 (IEEExplore web site).
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Project for automation of analog design and layout. It is not about optimising designers away by computers. The idea is – simply speaking – to get the obvious and “boring” topics (e.g. designs, which are always the same) done automatically and off the table, to free up time for the innovative and new topics. This is important to keep up with rising complexity of modern products.
> My blog about BAG (Berkeley Analog Generator).

High level product and system engineering for semiconductor devices was my last position in the industry. I will continue in this field also here at CUAS. This covers especially design methodology as well as actual modelling and simulation approaches.
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IADC model (click on the image – external link)

Integrating ADC example

This year (WS2020/21) the ISCD project of an integrating dual-slope ADC was implemented as concept model. It allows to investigate some general block parameters for the overall performance.

The model documentation can be found here (external link).

The download of the complete project for COSIDE 2.7.1 (of Coseda Technologies GmbH) will be available here soon.

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