Here are some of my publications, you should be able to find them on IEEExplore, otherwise I add a link here.

DateTopic, authors and conference/location of publication
My early patents, mostly M/S verification topics as I was involved in several A/D converter developments and working as overall project manager for M/S designs. No publications at this time.
2003“Modern Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design Environments”
Scherr, W. (Infineon)
CTI Villach, Guest lecture
2004“A configurable controller core for embedded-SoC applications in sensor-ASICs”
Scherr, W. (CUAS)
CTI Villach
Blaickner, A.; Scherr, W.;
SDR 04 Technical Conference
2004“Configurable computing architectures for wireless and software defined radio – a FPGA prototyping experience using high level design-tool-chains”
Blaickner, A.; Albl, S.; Scherr, W.; (CUAS)
IEEE System-on-Chip
2004“Ultra low-power monolithically integrated, capacitive pressure sensor for tire pressure monitoring”
Kolle, C.; Scherr, W.; Hammerschmidt, D.; Pichler, G.; Motz, M.; Schaffer, B.; Forster, B.; Ausserlechner, U.; (Infineon)
IEEE Sensors
2005“Power Saving Algorithms for Tire Pressure Monitoring Based on Pressure Measurement”
Hammerschmidt, D.; Kolle, Ch.; Scherr, W.; (Infineon)
SAE World Congress & Exhibition
2006“An Integrated Magnetic Sensor with Two Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma-Converters and Stress Compensation Capability”
Motz, M.; Ausserlechner, U.; Scherr, W.; Schaffer, B.; (Infineon)
IEEE Solid-State Circuits
2006“An Integrated Hall Sensor Platform Design for Position, Angle and Current Sensing”
Motz, M.; Ausserlechner, U.; Scherr, W.; Katzmaier, E.; (Infineon)
IEEE Sensors
2007“SystemC-AMS Modelling of Embedded Systems for Automotive Applications”
Scherr W.; Granig W.; (Infineon)
1st SystemC-AMS Workshop
In this period I was concept engineer and designer on a novel, fully integrated, galvanically isolated current sensor for industry applications. I also worked on an customer specific automotive power SoC project at Infineon, were I didn’t do any publications. There is some information of this project from a colleague of mine presented a bit later here at the SystemC-AMS users group meeting. I also published together with colleagues several patents on some SoC diagnosis and of course on current sensing.
2012“A miniature digital current sensor with differential Hall probes using enhanced chopping techniques and mechanical stress compensation”,
Motz, M.; Ausserlechner, U.; Scherr W.;; (Infineon)
IEEE Sensors
2013“Design of Stable and Configurable Digital Filters for Automotive Sensors”
Kantamneni V. S.; Scherr W.; Rinner Bernhard; (Infineon, AAU)
IEEE Austrochip
In this time I worked for automotive sensors in an innovation group at Infineon, where I didn’t do any publications (but created or was included in over 34 patents on novel ADC/sensor concepts, ASIL diagnosis, ….). One of the projects was the “world smallest, fully integrated, ultra-low power magnetic 3D sensor” here and other sensor designs (like this). Afterwards I changed to the Industrial Power Control (IPC) group to work as system engineer on gate drivers, also nothing to publish there, sorry.
2020“Next Generation System Level Design”,
Scherr W.; (CUAS)
ISCD master seminar (see post: guest lecture)
2020“Beyond real number modeling: Comparison of analog modeling approaches.”.
Scherr W.; (CUAS)
IEEE FDL 2020 (FDL webpage, see post: FDL conference )
2020“SystemC-AMS ELN: the new way of generating macro models ?”
Scherr W.; (CUAS)
COSEDA User Group Conference 2020 (Conference webpage, you can find my slideset there as well)
2021“Prototyping for a DDS-based I/Q reference signal generation on a capacitive sensing chip in 65nm CMOS using SystemC AMS, C HLS and VHDL”
Bio M.; Gietler H.; Plazonic J.; Ley M.; Zangl H.; Scherr W.
IEEE Austrochip 2021