This weekend “Ă–sterreich Testet” is open for Carinthia. Of course I participate, this is already my third test in this year. Luckily, all negative. 🙂

Registration was a bit strange, got several time a message on the web page that it didn’t work out and I should try the registration again. So I did for nearly an hour until I have got a success message. But after some time I got a lot of registrations in my inbox. Seems not to be really IT experts who set up the web page, this typical issues of online database systems can be easily avoided, I thought – hmmm…

Anyhow, please do the test as well, it does not hurt and will help all of us to allow celebrating Christmas time here with confidence not infecting others. I had some concerns when I experienced this “amateur” web setup, but I cannot sleep well, if I infect someone, when I knew I had a chance to avoid that. Can you?

Of course: “disinfect hands, keep mask on, keep distance” rule is still very important – the test is also no guarantee to get infected again, especially by irresponsible people ignoring the danger of this virus…


Update: I just did the test, was a matter of 5 mins. Not a single line-up, I was immediately tested. 20min later I got my results. At least for this part I was confident to be in the hands of experts, I really felt safe all the time! Some people complained not to find the building. There is a big and bright LED sign, several meters wide, with “Welcome at Fachhochschule” – so maybe sometimes it is better to simply raise the head and look up (also to see where to go) instead of keeping the eyes on some navigation on a small smart phone 🙂 🙂 🙂

COVID 19 screening also at FH Villach

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